Paco Orco


Pucara 100%
Optioned to Solaris Resources

Claim Size

4,400 hectares


Lead, Zinc, Silver


Located in Southern Peru

The Paco Orco property is a carbonate replacement type deposit with distal CRD mineralization. The 4,400 hectare property is largely under-explored but contains a gossan and jasperiod silica outcrop that extends for at least 2 km. Surface samplings from the project have included up to 0.58% Lead, 0.26% Zinc, and 58 g/t silver. 

In combination with the Capricho project, Solaris Resources (TSX:SLS.V) also has an in-earn agreement on Paco Orco for up to 75% interest. Solaris has agreed to obtain all necessary drill permits and spend US$4 million during the first three years for 51% interest. An additional 24% interest, for a total of 75%, can be earned after Solaris spends US$11.5 million over four years, fully funds a Pre-Feasibility Study for the project, and pay US$500,000 to Pucara. 

Pictured: Fine cellular boxwork resulting from intense leaching of primary sulfide.

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